Elyse has worked hard to bring her knowledge and experience to you. To make the most of this expertise, you'll need just a few gadgets: a computer and a playback device (i.e. an iPod, digital music player, or portable CD player).

All of the audio tours are in mp3 - the world's most popular and flexible format. Each tour consists of multiple tracks combined together in a zip file. You'll need to follow these steps to use the tours:

  • Once you purchase the tours you are interested in, you will be given a link to download the purchased files. Click the link and download the .zip file
  • Macintosh and Windows computers come with utilities to "unzip" a .zip file... use your utility to extract the tracks of the tour. Often, you can simply right click on the .zip file and find the option to extract.
  • Now that you have the .mp3 files that make up the tour, you need to put them somewhere - use the software that came with your playback device to move the files to the device, or burn a CD for later use. Apple's iTunes (free of charge) works on Mac and Windows for both these purposes.

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